Slinky: New On-Demand Transport in Somerton and Langport

Credits: Somerset Council

Exciting news for the residents of Somerton and Langport! A new on-demand transport service, Slinky, is now available to make getting around the area easier and more convenient. The on-demand test service kicked off on Tuesday 28 May and is expected to run until March 2026. Bookings can be made starting from Monday, 13 May. Slinky offers flexible booking options, allowing passengers to book a ride up to an hour before travel or up to two weeks in advance.

Using existing bus stops and landmarks as pick-up points, Slinky is designed to be user-friendly. The Slinky app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices, and rides can also be booked on the website. For those with mobility issues, a home pick-up can be arranged. The service connects users to key local amenities such as supermarkets, town centres, and healthcare services, and integrates with the existing public transport network for onward travel.
Slinky has been made possible thanks to Padam Mobility, their software suite uses intelligent and flexible solutions, powered by advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, to adapt public transport services to real demand, especially in sparsely populated areas. Funded by the Government’s £13 million Bus Service Improvement Grant (BSIP), this flexible minibus service offers a modern solution for local travel needs.

About Padam Mobility
Founded in 2014, Padam Mobility provides digital on-demand public transport solutions to transform peri-urban and rural areas and provide better access to mobility services for all. The company supports its clients on the path to operational excellence while promoting environmentally friendly mobility. Acquired by Siemens Mobility in May 2021, Padam Mobility is headquartered in Paris and has provided the software that powers the Slinky service.


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