Artificial Intelligence for all territories!

Intelligence artificielle

Les Echos” Societies on May 29, 2018.

The startups growth model often consists of proving its viability in a large metropolis and then exporting from one capital to another in order to capture the biggest markets in priority. The global race between startups sometimes leaves out a large part of the population, who do not live in hyper centers.

Are there any “business models” to make technology more accessible?

The chauffeur driven car platforms, based on connecting customers with a community of independent drivers, have conquered all the major cities in just a few years. But this business model restricts them to expand in other territories, where such communities cannot subsist. The underlying technology and customer experience are great inventions that should benefit everyone.

By finding the right business models, such as Software As A Service – or even working with public actors! – these technologies can be spreaded in all territories (rural, semi-urban) and still experience hyper-growth.

Are the big metropolises always the most important markets?

Concerning the mobility, it is mainly in medium dense areas where the need is the greatest: public transport is harder to optimize and expensive, where heavy infrastructure is not viable.

Many innovations find their market first in remote territories or with less infrastructure. This is the case for mobile payment in Africa, delivery by drone or telemedicine. Let’s also bet that autonomous vehicles will primarily benefit semi-urban areas, where roads are less complex and the cost of mobility is higher!

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Grégoire Bonnat, President of Padam

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