Padam Mobility Launches a Major Innovation in Orléans: Full Integration of DRT into the TAO Application

Padam Mobility, a European leader in the field of dynamic Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) and a subsidiary of Siemens Mobility, in collaboration with Keolis Métropole Orléans and Code-Troopers, announces a significant advance in shared mobility services in suburban areas: the integration of the DRT App RésaTAO into the TAO application.

A Pioneer in France for the Full Integration of DRT Solution within a Route Planner

This integration, first in France, has been in place since 8 April 2024. It provides users of the TAO application with an enhanced user experience, simplifying the process of planning and booking their transport on demand journeys. Thanks to this update, it is no longer necessary to juggle between different applications to plan a journey.

All On-Demand Transport Features Integrated

Users can now access all the RésaTAO features directly from the TAO application. Searching for routes, booking RésaTAO journeys, tracking the approach of vehicles in real time and consulting timetables are just a few clicks away. This integration offers a smoother, more convenient travel experience for all users.

Collective Success

Thibault Lécuyer-Weber, CEO of Padam Mobility, points out that this collaboration demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering innovative solutions tailored to the needs of passenger-users. “By bringing all TAO services together in one place, we are greatly simplifying the travel experience and helping to drive modal shift,” explains Mr Lécuyer-Weber.

Antoine Lequeux, Director of Keolis Métropole Orléans, added: “This initiative is in line with our vision of more integrated and accessible mobility, taking us a step closer to creating a genuine TAO application bringing together all forms of mobility.

Significant Impact

This update marks an important step in the development of suburban mobility in Orléans. It meets users’ expectations in terms of simplicity and efficiency, promoting more integrated and accessible mobility. It also improves the legibility of the public transport offer, which is crucial for encouraging greater use of public transport and reducing dependence on private vehicles.

About Padam Mobility

A Siemens Mobility subsidiary since 2021, Padam Mobility is Europe’s leading developer of Dynamic Transport on Demand solutions, offering innovative tools to optimize the planning, management, and operation of transport services. Based on advanced technology and in-depth expertise in the transport sector, Padam Mobility is committed to transforming mobility by providing smart and sustainable solutions for transport authorities and transport companies around the world.

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