Padam Mobility pilots autonomous on-demand vehicles in Lyon


As part of the EU-funded AVENUE project, which is trialling autonomous shuttle buses in four European cities, including Luxembourg, Geneva and Copenhagen, Padam Mobility has been brought on board as a trusted technology partner for the Lyon region. Since May 2022, passengers can book rides on the autonomous shuttle service under the name OL Vallée A la Demande.

In this initial phase, two autonomous shuttle buses operate between the Décines Grand Large tram stop and the Groupama stadium, covering an area of 0.5 km² (see map below). Previously, there was no public transport service in this area to connect visitors with the fixed transport network, so the autonomous shuttle buses are intended to ensure that passenger flows can be transported from A to B smoothly. In addition, it is possible to use the autonomous shuttles in a free-floating model, i.e. without a fixed route plan, on the stadium’s campus.

Keolis has been testing autonomous shuttles in Lyon since 2016 and is now aiming in partnership with Padam Mobility to take the user experience to the next level. As specialists in on-demand technology, Padam Mobility will enable users to conveniently order the shuttles via app and track their status in real-time.

In the first test phase, the service runs every day from 11:50 am to 7:45 pm. After a short summer break, the service will resume in September.

AV Lyon
Service area of the new “OL Vallée A la Demande” AV-service











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Padam Mobility, now part of the Siemens Mobility family!


Padam Mobility, now part of the Siemens Mobility family, continues its commitment to shared mobility

Padam Mobility, the French leader in smart and dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport solutions (DRT and Paratransit), is now a member of the Siemens Mobility family, alongside its historical technological partners Hacon, Bytemark, and eos.uptrade.

The company is beginning a new and exciting chapter that will allow it to reach new heights, continue the work provided by its teams, fuel its commitment and continue to achieve its results. Since its creation in 2014, more than one million passengers have already experienced a mobility solution developed by Padam Mobility.

A new dimension to the company’s public interest mission

With its suite of smart and flexible solutions, Padam Mobility improves the impact of mobility policies to all where demand is low. To put users, operators and local authorities in motion. More than ever committed to shared mobility, the acquisition strengthens its position in the on-demand transport market and reinforces its international implantation.

The company’s values (SHARE, LEAN, CARE, IMPACT) are still at the heart of the internal management and client relations.

It is an incredible opportunity to join the Siemens Mobility family for intermodal transport. It reinforces Padam Mobility’s ambitions: to reconnect territories, to give more impact to mobility policies in medium or low density areas and to offer modern and adapted mobility services. Siemens Mobility’s confidence in our team, our vision and our agility will reinforce our core values.” Grégoire Bonnat, co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility

Ever more robust solutions for the territories that need them most

Since the beginning, Padam Mobility has been developing digital solutions for dynamic Demand-Responsive public Transport, to sustainably transform peri-urban and rural areas and bring communities together. 

The acquisition of the company will accelerate the technological development of its solutions so that they are even more robust and respond ever more effectively to the new challenges of the territories, particularly those observed in the recent months and the health crisis.

The acquisition of Padam Mobility reaffirms our desire to offer digital mobility solutions to encourage access to public transport and paratransit. Padam Mobility’s proven software and smart solutions will enable us to offer more transport options that integrate and coordinate on-demand and shared mobility. Having the ability to choose from a wide range of mobility options significantly improves the user experience.” Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility

The company will keep its independence both in the projects it deploys and in the expertise it provides to more than 70 territories in Europe, Asia and North America.  Transport authorities, operators and companies will be able to continue to rely on Padam Mobility to help them open up their territories, optimise their mobility offer and facilitate its operation, to support them in achieving operational excellence, and finally to act in favour of environmentally friendly mobility. 


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