Padam Mobility participates for the first time at the 27th French National Public Transport meeting (RNTP)

Demand-Responsive Transport meeting

Alternative mobility is today a major economic, ecological and sociological concern. Thus are held in Nantes from October 1st to 3rd the 27th French National Public Transport meeting (RNTP). Padam Mobility is one of 200 exhibitors, at booth H3-40b. The company provides smart solutions for operational support dedicated to Demand-Responsive Transport. It is spreading more and more in different territories from the Paris region to the international. Its CEO will intervene during the RNTP on October 1st at 11:00 about the conception of efficient Demand-Responsive Transport services.

Providing a sustainable mobility offer to all French citizen

The RNTP meeting’s thematic this year is “Mobility everywhere and for all”. Thus, this thematic underlines the importance of accessibility to efficient and affordable means of transportation to all citizens. Among the related challenges: serving low-density areas, the full coverage of the territory, the financing of infrastructure and their economic model … These challenges are the heart of Padam Mobility solutions.

Making Demand-Responsive Transport services easier and more efficient

Founded in 2014, Padam Mobility uses artificial intelligence to make Demand-Responsive Transport services easier and more efficient for passengers and drivers. Provided as white label, the interfaces are fully customized and are included in the mobility offers proposed by territories or transit operators. Passenger interfaces (mobile application, website or call centre) allow to book, pay and check in real time the location of the vehicles. The driver’s application continuously calculates the best itinerary to answer optimally the user requests while guiding the driver along his route.

The deployment of Padam Mobility Demand-Responsive Transport solutions

Padam Mobility solutions appeal to many territories. Indeed, over the last 4 years, Padam Mobility has already made its users travel 2 million kilometres. Already implemented in many territories such as Sophia Antipolis, Cotentin, Orléans, Lille, Chelles, Meaux, Padua in Italy, in Hong Kong and soon Helsinki and Madrid, Padam Mobility solutions are also being deployed throughout the Paris Great area in collaboration with Île de France Mobilités (IDFM). To introduce its service and its advantages, Padam Mobility will intervene on October 1st from 11am to 11.30am at the Agora on the thematic “Designing efficient demand-responsive transport: issues, methods and little secrets. “

The quality of this meeting is for Padam Mobility the opportunity to go deeper into the challenges related to Demand-Responsive transport and shared mobility. Indeed, participants are more mature on these topics, and we can discuss on the “how” announces Grégoire Bonnat, CEO and co-founder of Padam Mobility

The RNTP meeting showcases the best innovations from all industries of public transport, rail, road and active mobility. Thus, all sectors are presented. The latest achievements in urban, interurban, regional and national travels as well. Over 16,000 m², 6,000 participants, qualified visitors and decision-makers come to discover new mobility solutions.

Practical information
  • 27th French National Public Transport meeting (27èmes Rencontres nationales du transport public RNTP)
  • EXPONANTES, Exhibition Center, Route of St. Joseph de Porterie, 44300 NANTES
  • October 1st: 9:00 – 18:30 / October 2: 9:00 – 18:30 / October 3: 9:00 – 14:00
  • PADAM MOBILITY, booth H3-40b
  • Conference on “Designing efficient Demand-Responsive Transport” at the Agora on October 1st from 11am to 11.30am


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