Drive Sweden
Padam Mobility joins Drive Sweden and is now partner of the Swedish program

Launched by the Swedish government, Drive Sweden is a strategic innovation program funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Innovation Agency. Its objective: to feed and animate a cross-functional and inter-professional collaboration platform to push the development of sustainable mobility solutions for goods and people.

A solid network of partners to co-construct the mobility of tomorrow

By joining Drive Sweden, Padam Mobility affirms its commitment to the research, development and perpetuation of shared, smart, efficient and connected mobility solutions that are sustainable, inclusive and accessible.

The company joins a network of partners including the biggest actors in the transport and innovation industry (Keolis, Volvo, Bombardier, Easymile, etc.). The program brings together more than 50 actors of different activities: public authorities, cities, academics and a wide variety of companies and start-ups. It creates favorable conditions for collaboration between partners and facilitates the identification of needs and challenges to be resolved in terms of the mobility of goods and people through five themes: Society Planning, Digital Infrastructure, Policy Development, Business Model and Public Engagement.

Padam Mobility will keep consolidating its know-how and will contribute to bring an innovative approach to mobility issues during regular public events. In addition to these events, its teams will be involved in workshops and think tanks on smart mobility, electric mobility, autonomous mobility (in particular the Autonomous Demand-Responsive Transport), MaaS and mobility in peri-urban and rural areas.

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