Ticketer and Padam Mobility announce partnership to further develop the Demand Responsive Transport landscape in the UK

Enabling added connectivity of rural areas through empowering DRT integration possibilities

Padam Mobility, provider of software for smart and flexible mobility solutions and Ticketer, an innovative transit and data intelligence partner, announce a newly formed partnership widening the opportunities for further DRT integration for operators and local authorities.

The planned Padam Mobility and Ticketer integration will see further enablement of DRT and fixed-route bus intermodality, along with a new level of flexibility for operators in the way they deploy their services. Three key components will provide the impetus to change the DRT landscape for the better. The first is the ticketing integration between Ticketer and Padam’s mobile app for booking and following DRT trips. The second is DRT driver features that will be available on the existing Ticketer Electronic Ticket Machines (ETMs). The third element is Connection Protection, which will provide assurance that there will be a connecting service available.

Public transport is a key service that connects people to their jobs and leisure. Passengers in urban areas often enjoy better public transport options in terms of accessibility and frequency. DRT services aim to bring a similar level of connectivity that is enjoyed in city centres to suburban and rural areas, and a seamless payment experience when changing modes which is a key element for the success of any multimodal program. Presenting a consistent user experience through ticketing that works on both a DRT service and fixed-line buses, alongside accepting payment methods like EMV contactless, ITSO or cash, will help get more people out of their cars and back to public transport.

The Padam Mobility and Ticketer collaboration will enable a smooth modal integration through the existing Ticketer ETMs with one single driver interface, reducing operating costs as well as providing simplicity and flexibility for drivers. For passengers, the travel experience is greatly improved by removing any payment friction, and connection protection will ensure a reliable, connected and integrated multimodal service.


Antonio Carmona, General Manager UK and International at Ticketer Group, comments:

“This is another step on our path to opening up our Ticketer platform to new partners. We are excited to work with Padam Mobility to bring DRT and conventional public transport networks closer together. A convenient, reliable and equitable alternative to car travel is the first step in addressing the mobility and sustainability challenges that we have as a society, and this partnership is an important step in that direction.”

David Carnero, International Development at Padam Mobility, says:

“Smart ticketing is a key component in delivering an easy passenger experience. Partnering with Ticketer, the leader in the UK, was an obvious choice for us. The partnership will provide users and transport operators with modern and adaptable tools that will help communities reduce the negative impact of private transport on the environment, by increasing the attractiveness of shared mobility. We believe DRT and Smart Ticketing have a key role to play in bringing passengers back to the overall public transport in a rural or peri-urban context.”


About Ticketer

Ticketer is a leading public transport ticketing software and information systems provider. At Ticketer, we do things differently. We take a platform approach to bring innovation to public transport. Whatever the fleet size, operators get value from every single hour Ticketer puts into R&D. From smart ticketing and contactless payments to data-driven information based on customer needs, Ticketer connects the dots to ensure everyone has access to the latest technology. As a ticketing and data partner, Ticketer drives insights, informs operations and fuels operator revenue. With a cloud-based offering that pushes updates and new features to operators at a click of a button, operators can confidently future-proof their business.

About Padam Mobility

Established in 2014, Padam Mobility provides digital on-demand public transport solutions (DRT, Paratransit) to reconnect peri-urban and rural areas and bring communities closer together. To do this, Padam Mobility provides a software suite of smart and flexible solutions that improve the impact of mobility policies in sparsely populated areas for all types of users. To get users, operators and Local Authorities on the move. This software suite is based on powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence.