Padam Mobility hits 5 million trips in just 4 years!

The Padam Mobility DRT platform has clocked up over 5 million trips since 2019. In this time the French Market leader for DRT has become a major global player in the industry. It has continually developed its mobility platform and offer since the first public pilot in the UK.
Debut outside of France
Padam Mobility launched one of its first transport-on-demand services with RATP Dev in Bristol, UK in 2016. Projects in the greater Paris area and in Orléans followed shortly after. The DRT services implemented there have grown to become some of the largest in the world. Padam Mobility has been part of the Siemens Group since 2021 and complements its portfolio of digital transport solutions. Today, more than a hundred French and international regions use Padam Mobility’s DRT solutions.

Padam Mobility’s success story in figures

  • More than 180,000 users transported
  • Solutions deployed in more than 140 territories around the world
  • An average satisfaction rating of 4.8/5
  • More than 80 employees in Paris and Lyon
  • More than 5 million journeys in 4 years.

Both the number of passengers per month and the occupancy rate of the vehicles deployed are increasing exponentially, suggesting that the 10 million trip mark will be reached sooner than expected. In the meantime, the services together record more than 300,000 journeys per month – a very positive sign that more and more users are convinced of on-demand mobility and are willing to leave their private cars behind.

On-demand mobility needs more awareness

Despite these positive developments, it remains important to constantly emphasise the advantages of DRT. In many regions, authorities still rely on fixed-route services, even though they are often unprofitable and do not meet the needs of the inhabitants. With a vehicle grouping rate of up to 80%, on-demand transport in sparsely populated areas is on average three times cheaper than setting up fixed routes. One in five users even states that they can do without using a private car at all thanks to this alternative mobility solution. On-demand services also contribute to a more inclusive transport offer and are an environmentally friendly way of getting around.

DRT by Padam Mobility, a tool for sustainable mobility in rural areas

There are many reasons that explain the success of Padam Mobility’s regional on-demand services, such as the coverage of areas with low population density, a flexible and cost-effective investment, a positive impact on the environment and social inclusion. The market leader has set up numerous services throughout France that respond to the specificities of each territory: Flex’Hop in Strasbourg, Txik Txak in the Basque Country, RESA’TAO in Orléans, PLUS DE PEP’S in Marne-la-Vallée, Ilévia Réservation in Lille, Résago in Amiens, TPG Flex in Geneva or TLC in Lyon.

[On-demand transport] offers a flexible, fast and environmentally friendly transport solution that provides a service that meets the mobility needs of residents and workers in the least densely populated areas, enabling in particular periphery-to-periphery connections that are currently difficult with the classic bus route network.”

Robert Hermann, former President of the Euro-Metropolis of Strasbourg

Major projects in France and abroad

Together with Setec and Webhelp, Padam Mobility was commissioned to develop and launch the TAD Île-de-France-Mobilités brand. With almost 40 territories served, 123 vehicles in operation and one million trips in 2022, TAD IDFM is a pioneer in Europe and the largest Transport-On-Demand network in the world. A major achievement for an area covering 12,000 km².

Padam Mobility is also a key player in the on-demand sector at the international level. Some of the biggest projects are the regional service VGI-Flexi for the transport association Großraum Ingolstadt, Holibri in Höxter (Germany), QuiBus in Rovigo and Colbus in Bologna (Italy), Avanza TAD in Malaga (Spain) or Call Connect in Lincolnshire and HertsLynx for Hertfordshire County Council (UK). All these successful examples show the growing need and user demand for public transport alternatives.


About Padam Mobility, a Siemens Mobility subsidiary

Since 2014, Padam Mobility has been developing digital solutions for dynamic on-demand transport to transform peri-urban and rural areas and provide attractive transport options for all. To achieve this, the company offers transport operators and communities a software suite with intelligent and flexible solutions that improve the mobility offer, especially where demand is low. This Suite is based on powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence. Padam Mobility has been part of the Siemens Group since 2021 and complements its portfolio of digital solutions for public transport.