Padam Mobility, provider of on-demand mobility solutions, appoints Thibault Lécuyer-Weber as CEO with the aim of strengthening its position as a market leader in on-demand mobility.

Following the gradual and mutually agreed departure of Grégoire Bonnat, co-founder and CEO of Padam Mobility since its inception, Thibault Lécuyer-Weber, formerly COO, has been designated to ensure his succession. A natural choice, according to Grégoire Bonnat:

“Since 2018, Demand-Responsive Transport has evolved from a last-resort transport service for isolated rural areas to a cornerstone of public mobility offerings to complement the structural network. I entrust the reins of the company to Thibault with full confidence, knowing him as a strong leader who fully represents the values of Padam Mobility. He has an exceptional ability to handle immediate issues while maintaining a long-term vision.”

The appointment of Thibault Lécuyer-Weber is therefore intended to ensure a smooth transition while continuing to support the growth and international expansion of Padam Mobility. This includes the development of its various products (DRT, AV, PRM), and a strengthening of relations with other Siemens subsidiaries to leverage the synergies created to serve the company’s customers. Claire Duthu, on the other hand, is chosen to succeed Thibault Lécuyer-Weber as COO of Padam Mobility.

About Thibault Lécuyer-Weber

A graduate of ESCP-Europe, Thibault Lécuyer-Weber began his career in digital technology in 1999. He has worked at Renault, Microsoft, and initiated several entrepreneurial ventures before joining Padam Mobility in 2018. Now CEO, he aims to strengthen the company’s growth strategy and enhance its performance.

About Padam Mobility

Since 2014, Padam Mobility has been developing digital on-demand mobility solutions to transform suburban and rural areas and bring communities closer together. The company offers operators and communities a suite of intelligent and flexible solutions that improve mobility in areas where demand is sparse. In 2021, Padam Mobility joined Siemens Mobility as a subsidiary, complementing its portfolio of digital transport and mobility solutions. A European leader in Demand-Responsive Transport, Padam Mobility has become an essential player in the sector, recording more than 5 million trips since its creation.