Mobility Fresk: Better understanding for better decision-making

In the UK, cars account for 17 % of the nation’s CO2 emissions (The Committee on Climate Change, 2015). Faced with this challenge, we need to reconsider our modes of transport. This imperative is now being taken on board by (almost) everyone. Padam Mobility is dedicated to decarbonising mobility in suburban and rural areas, and is introducing its customers to the Mobility Fresk. An offshoot of the Climate Fresk, this initiative aims to raise awareness of the obstacles to decarbonising our modes of transport.

Learning through dialogue, a major asset of the Mobility Fresk

Padam Mobility, a SaaS company offering a car-free solution for suburban and rural areas, is at the forefront of legitimate organisations aiming to raise awareness among our fellow citizens.
In this context, the Mobility Fresk is a relevant educational tool. It makes it possible to tackle the substantial scales associated with our decarbonisation imperative. This initiative has a particular resonance with public sector employees, mobility specialists and transport operators, all of whom recognise the pressing need to adapt our modes of transport. Conducted in groups of no more than 8 people, the session lasts 2 hours for individuals and 3 hours for businesses and local authorities.

Transparent links between Demand-Responsive Transport and the Mobility Fresk

Demand-responsive transport (DRT) and the Mobility Forum complement each other perfectly. It highlights environmental concerns, providing a contextual point of view for Padam Mobility’s dynamic DRT. This interconnection between the company’s global vision and the tangible consequences of mobility on demand amplifies the importance of this approach.

In conclusion, Padam Mobility’s proposition for the Mobility Fresk transcends mere awareness-raising. It is an invitation to strategic contemplation, enabling Padam Mobility’s customers – generally decision-makers – to adapt not only their own mobility, but also that of others.


Would you like more information about the Mobility Fresc? Would you like to attend with your colleagues? Don’t hesitate to contact the Padam Mobility teams.