Padam Mobility deploys its Demand-Responsive Transport solutions in Paris region

Transport à la Demande IDF

Padam Mobility, a dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport solutions company, is deploying 4 new territories for Ile-de-France Mobilités (Paris region Public Transport Authority). They are in addition to the 5 territories already equipped with the Padam Mobility technology.

Innovative solutions that optimize shared mobility

Many public transport vehicles travel empty. This is very costly for public authorities. In addition, these “redundant” kilometers are the source of polluting emissions and deteriorate vehicles unnecessarily. Also, the issues of the first and last mile, transportation service in sparsely populated areas and the off-peak hours transportation service are real mobility issues. They are hardly embraced by conventional public transport.

Founded in 2014, Padam Mobility uses artificial intelligence to soften and optimize the trips of both Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) passengers and drivers. Provided as white label, the interfaces are fully customized and are included in the transportation offers proposed by the authorities or the transit operators. Passenger interfaces (mobile app, website or call centre) allow to book, pay and check in real time the location of the DRT vehicle. The driver’s app continuously calculates the best itinerary to optimally respond to user request while guiding the driver along the route.

Some results already visible

Padam Mobility solutions work and appeal:

  • Since its creation, the company has saved its users around 82,000 km of car trips, equivalent to 16 tonnes of CO2 not emitted.
  • The company contributes to the reduction of empty trips. Concretely, the average grouping rate on Padam Mobility DRT services is 80%. It can reach 92% on the best optimized services.
  • Over the last 4 years, Padam Mobility has already made its users travel 2 million kilometres.
  • Padam Mobility solutions are already implemented in many French territories. Sophia Antipolis, Cotentin, Orléans, Lille, Chelles, Meaux. Abroad, the company is present in Padua in Italy. Its solutions are in simulation in Hong-Kong and soon Helsinki and Madrid. Finally, they are also deployed throughout the Paris region for Île de France Mobilités (IDFM), Paris region Public Transport Authority.

It is a real pleasure to see that the vision we had for dynamic, modern, Demand-Responsive Transport that really serves users is taking shape throughout the Paris region. We have worked hard to put our expertise at the service of local issues by configuring our services on a territory-by-territory basis. These launches enable us to consolidate our position as a leading player in the sector. Says Grégoire Bonnat, CEO and co-founder of Padam Mobility.

Meet a variety of mobility issues in the Paris region

For IDFM, the Padam Mobility’s offer meets the various mobility challenges on its territory. Especially in the outer suburbs. IDFM had already asked Padam Mobility in January 2018 to optimise a dynamic DRT service in feeder stations during peak hours in Gally-Mauldre in the Yvelines.. Padam Mobility provides the transit operator Transdev with its algorithms. They allow the service to be more efficient, with an optimized occupancy rate and itinerary. This is a success. Gally-Mauldre’s DRT service (formerly Flexigo) reaches 6,000 trips per month with more than 95% of reservations made via the mobile app.

4 new territories in Île-de-France for Padam Mobility

Following this successful experience, Padam Mobility won with SETEC ITS in early summer 2019 a call for tenders issued by IDFM for the establishment of a shared mobility reservation et management center for all Île-de-France DRT networks (TAD IDFM). In addition to Gally-Mauldre in the Yvelines, 4 other Île de France territories already have access to Padam Mobility’s service: Meaux, Bois-le-Roi, Centre-Essone and Vexin. On September 2nd 2019, four new territories in the Île-de-France region will be equipped with Padam Mobility solutions: Nangis, Perthes en Gatinais, Melun and La Ferté. 

Padam Mobility solutions allow the optimization of Demand-Responsive Transport services that would otherwise be too expensive compared to the number of passengers transported. By 2020, the shared mobility reservation and management center set up for IDFM will be able to manage more than 60,000 DRT trips per month across 33 networks. The center will be able to manage more than 6 different transport operators.


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