Coronavirus: Demand-Responsive Transport operators adapt their services with the help of Padam Mobility


Covid-19: in support of populations, Demand-Responsive operators adapt their services with the help of Padam Mobility.

In the context of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), the land transport sector has to adapt in order to ensure continuity of service and the transportation of healthcare personnel, in compliance with the measures put in place by the government. The latter is reorganising to limit the movement of citizens to what is strictly necessary, under adequate sanitary conditions. Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) is a flexible alternative that makes the most of the strengths of public transport. 

Cities are adapting their DRT service to the coronavirus context in France and Italy thanks to Padam Mobility’s technology

Faced with the health crisis and demand from cities and operators, Padam Mobility is adapting its Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) solutions in France and Italy to ensure reduced travel for citizens and healthcare personnel and to limit vehicle density, both between passengers and between passengers and drivers.

TOD services in France in the context of the coronavirus
  • In Strasbourg, in the Grand-Est region which is the most affected by the epidemic in France, the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS), in collaboration with Padam Mobility, is adapting its Flex’hop Z1 TAD service to the needs of hospital staff. By extending the service time slots and serving essential locations. From 26 March and until further notice, from 5 am to 10 pm every day, the service will also serve the Hautepierre Hospital and the Civil Hospital. During periods of confinement, the Flex’Hop mobile application is adapting to the massive reduction in the number of public transport users and is multiplying its DRT solutions. To make a reservation via the application, all you have to do is enter the date of your ride, the timetable and the number of passengers. It should be noted that in this period of health crisis and in order to respect the measures implemented for social distancing, the capacity of vehicles is limited to two people in addition to the driver, made possible by the limitation of the number of reservations available in the system. Passengers can also book their ride via or the following toll-free number: 0 800 200 120.
  • In Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais, the Mouvéo service has adapted its Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) service. Thanks to an optimization algorithm, Padam Mobility enables the number of buses to be adapted and a better coverage of the territory to enable more extensive travel in the region, where necessary.
  • In Lyon and on the Lyon Public Transport conventional and DRT networks (TCL), the Sytral (Lyon’s Public Transport Authority) has reduced the number of available seats in each bus to two. This initiative makes it possible to respect the 1-metre safety distance set by the government. Thanks to the flexibility of Padam Mobility’s solutions, Lyon’s Demand-Responsive transport allows everyone to be protected.
  • In Marne La Vallée, eastern Paris, Plus de Pep’s has adapted its DRT service to shut down routes to the market in times of coronavirus. Contrary to traditional public transport, changing the routes does not cause any delay or loss of time, quite the contrary. In fact, the Demand-Responsive Transport solutions developed by Padam Mobility and based on artificial intelligence, allow route optimisation and greater flexibility.
Padam Mobility’s TAD solutions in Italy in the context of coronavirus

In Padua, Veneto, at the epicentre of the epidemic in Italy, Busitalia has modified its TAD service originally designed to help students travel at night. Since 17 March and until further notice, in order to help the population and guarantee the most urgent rides, Padam Mobility, in collaboration with Busitalia Veneto and the city of Padua, have agreed to extend the service’s timetable from 6 a.m. to midnight every day. In addition, it has been agreed to set up a website so that users can book a DRT online if they do not have a smartphone to do so via the Padam Mobility mobile application.

Padam Mobility is thinking about the transport of tomorrow

In times of coronavirus, Padam Mobility organizes itself internally to ensure business continuity in the best possible conditions: generalized home-office, virtual coffee machine open to all, or even webinar trainings to facilitate remote meetings. All this is done with a view to transparency and responsiveness. Thanks to accessible and economical technologies, Padam Mobility continues its commitment to develop more inclusive and mobile solutions that adapt to tomorrow’s world, post Covid-19. More agile and more supportive.  More than ever, Dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport solutions are proving their efficiency and their ability to adapt to all contexts.


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