Un pas de plus vers le MaaS à Lille

Keolis Lille, the transit operator of the Illévia public transport network in the Lille metropolitan area, has just integrated Padam Mobility‘s Demand-Responsive Transport solution into its Illévia mobile app. This integration has been done in the application through the Navitia multimodal trip planner, developed by Kisio Digital. It is one more step towards Mobility As A Service (MaaS) in Lille.

The integration now allows any user to complete its trip on all modes (including Demand-Responsive Transport) at once for a seamless travel to its destination.

The MaaS at the service of the user experience

The integration meets the desire of Kisio and Padam Mobility’s mutual clients to integrate all modes of transportation following a MaaS logic. The Ilévia mother app offers a complete mobility package enabling trips booking from other shared mobility apps such as carpooling or Demand-Responsive Transport like Ilévia Réservation.

The user experience is considerably more flexible. The user can access the entire available transportation offer in a matter of seconds and can compare itineraries to choose his best travel option. Traveling is seamless to the final destination.

This first integration of the Padam Mobility DRT solution in Lille in the Illevia app facilitates access to this new modes of transportation for its inhabitants. The excellent collaboration between the Padam Mobility and Kisio Digital teams enabled us to move quickly. Following a logic of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the integration of the solutions of the new mobility major stakeholders in our Navitia trip planner is an important area of development to give users more choice by combining more and more means of travel”.

Malik Chebragui, Products and Operations Director at Kisio Digital

Another perk for the users: they no longer need to know precisely the mode of operation or the service area of the DRT service on which to carry out part of their travels, since only the relevant itineraries are suggested. They also no longer need to know the exact name of the closest stops to their destination address.

Boost ridership

For the Lille metropolitan area, the new integration enables it to make its entire mobility offer, including DRT, more visible, which should boost ridership rates.

It is essential for a company like us to design accessible interfaces. For our clients, this is a fundamental advantage that allows them to make their transportation offer more legible and visible”.

Ziad Khoury, Co-founder and COO Padam Mobility

From a technical point of view, the integration is made possible thanks to deeplinking, which allows the Ilévia mother app to query the Ilévia TAD réservation app, to generate Origin-Destination (OD) searches and to automatically make bookings on the sections served by the DRT and whose use is relevant to the requested trip.

Ensuring a better access to transport in rural areas

Access to a seamless mobility that unites, without opposing them, all the possible modes of transportation makes it possible to facilitate travel for all, providing a solution to spatial and social inequalities and to the climate emergency.

A step closer to the MaaS in Lille


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