Padam Mobility and Hacon launch mobility app in the southwest of France

LibéA App


  • Regional timetable information for public transport and on-demand transport
  • App “libéA mobilités” provides access to mobility services in the Albi region

Paris / Hanover, July 2022. The companies Padam Mobility (Paris) and Hacon (Hanover) have developed a mobility app for the town of Albi and the surrounding area in southwest France, which maps the entire mobility offer in the region.

The logo of the new app LibéA mobilité

Against the background of growing mobility offers and changing usage habits, the Agglomeration Community of Albigeois (Communauté d’agglomération de l’Albigeois) has introduced a new, region-wide brand for its mobility offers: libéA. This new brand represents the ambition to convince people in the region of sustainable and responsible mobility. To this end, the transport offer will become harmonised in order to facilitate intermodal journeys for passengers.

This brand identity is reflected in the new libéA mobilités app, which was developed by Hacon and Padam Mobility and has been available since the end of June. Users of the libéA app benefit from a seamless travel experience. In order to get from A to B, the optimal travel connections are provided based on the existing data of the local public transport companies – taking into account the different modes of transport in the area. Thereby, public transport connections are prioritised. If there are no suitable fixed-route services for parts of the trip, the app will show the on-demand services which are already available in the area. Suitable walking and cycling routes are also integrated. This ensures that passengers are always provided with the best connection – from the first to the last kilometre of their trip.

The app is a strong sign of the new mobility strategy in the Albi area and allows passengers to easily find their optimal and sensible intermodal journey.